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15 Signs You’re a Texan Out of State

Whether you’re a Texan attending college out of state, or just a Southerner who’s missing home, you’ll identify with most of these (mostly true) stereotypes.

By Ashley Mungiguerra, Hofstra University

1. Y’all is Slipped Into Most of Your Sentences.

Not you guys. Y’all. This is especially frustrating when non-southerners use this term (going to school in New York and hearing “y’all” with a Yankee accent just doesn’t sound right).

2. You Have an Impressive Mum Collection.

Apparently people outside the great state of Texas don’t spend hours making giant flower-ribbon-trinket monstrosities that weigh more than a small child. Christmas lights and sound effects aren’t uncommon!

3. High School Football Was More Important Than Professional Football.

Especially if you were a player, a cheerleader, on the drill team, or in the marching band, ‘Friday Night Lights’ was a pretty accurate representation of your high school career. Even if you weren’t in the stands or on the field every week- even if you didn’t care about football at all!- it still consumed your life. Which brings us to…

4. Pep Rallies Were Mandatory.

Another weekly tradition during  football season, where you got to escape class for an hour to have a yelling competition with the other  grades, watch your cheer and dance teams perform, and cheer on the football team before a game.

5. Daily Trips to Sonic Were A Tradition.

You could always spot at least one student or teacher carrying a Sonic cup at any time of the day. The Route 44 iced tea was especially popular, and I had one teacher who consumed around 5 Sonic Diet Cokes per day. It was especially important whether or not your school day ended before Happy Hour did- after school stops at Sonic were just another part of your day.

6. You Freak Out if it Rains.

Texans are almost as bad as Californians when it comes to rain. A little water falling  from the sky means that everyone forgets how to drive, and you might as well cancel any plans you had because no one is leaving their house until the sun starts to shine again. The only thing worse than rain is snow. A little ice on the road? School is cancelled! A few snow flakes falling? Congratulations, everyone gets a few days off! Snowpocalypse 2011, anyone?

snow in texas image

Snow in Texas!

7. You Ask People if Their School Was 5A, 4A, or even 1A.

For non-Texans, 5A means your high school was huge, and 1A means you probably had less than one hundred people in your graduating class. These distinctions in school size are actually a big deal; they determine which schools you compete against in sports, UIL events, or any other competition.

8. You Had Football Games at Cowboy’s Stadium.

If you lived anywhere near the Dallas area, or your school made it to the State championship, you probably played at least one game at Jerry’s World. Only in Texas…

9. You Own At Least One Pair of Cowboy Boots.

You may not even like country music, you’ve probably never ridden a horse, and you don’t usually wear them, but as a Texan you still own your required pair of Cowboy boots.

cowboy boots texas image

The Author with her Texas staple cowboy boots.

10. Your Senior Pictures Involved Train Tracks.

For some reason, everyone ends up having very similar senior pictures, and in Texas they usually involve a shot of someone walking down a train track. Why? No reason.
girl on a train track image in texas
11. Texas History Was Mandatory.

Remember the Alamo! Most states (ok, the other 49 states) don’t require state history, but when it’s as interesting as Texas, you have to learn it! Everyone knows the story of Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, and Governor Hogg’s daughters, Ima and Ura Hogg. Who else can say that their state has been under the flags of six different countries, and at one time Texas was its own independent country? If you didn’t know that, you definitely didn’t grow up in Texas.

12. Bluebonnet Pictures Were an Annual Tradition.

The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, and when they start to sprout up in every field across the state each year, it’s practically mandatory to have family pictures taken amongst the flowers. Your parents probably parked on the side of a highway at least once a year to stick you in a field for an excruciating photo session. Just make sure you don’t pick one- it’s against the law!

13.You Feared The Chupacabra.

Every couple of years or so, there’s a new Chupacabra sighting. This mythical, dog-like monster was the scariest part of your childhood. Everyone has heard different tales of the beast, and elementary and middle school playgrounds were full of stories and legends about seeing the monster or hearing it attacking your neighbor’s goat. While most sightings end up being nothing more than a stray dog or coyote, we’ll probably never know if the Chupacabra is real or not.

14. You’ve Suffered Third Degree Burns From A Seatbelt.

When the temperatures climb to 110 degrees and the sun isn’t hidden behind clouds, your car gets pretty toasty. More than once (no matter how long you’ve lived in Texas) you have probably touched a metal seatbelt, only to tear your arm back, screaming in pain. Wearing shorts and sitting on hot leather seats isn’t much better. And there’s only so much that a sun shade can do to help.

15. You said the Texas Pledge of Allegiance.

Texans are pretty proud of their state, which is why every morning at school, after pledging allegiance to the United States flag, you had to pledge allegiance to the Texas flag. It’s all a part of the enduring pride people seem to have for this state, even if some of our stereotypes are true. You can’t understand it, it’s just a Texas thing!

Texas flag image



Ashley Mungiguerra

Hofstra University | 15 stories

Ashley is a Journalism and Political Science double major and double minor in French and European Studies at Hofstra University in New York, but she was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is an avid reader, writer, and lover of old movies, NYC, and anything French. She is a member of Zeta Phi Eta, a pre-professional communications co-ed fraternity, a modern dance company, and a campus tour guide. Her dream job is to work as a TV news anchor for a major network.

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  1. christianyb says:

    So I was raised in Colorado – we had Colorado history in the 4th grade. it was a huge deal but don’t ask me to remember most of it haha.
    Oh, but I was born in Texas 🙂
    nicely funny article.

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